Large Quilted Kalimba Bag from Height

- Aug 01, 2018-

How do you safely use kalimba to travel and avoid potential accidental trauma? Unfortunately, for a long time, my answer was “I put it between my clothes.” The fragile Sansula has a beautiful soft bag and a very beautiful wooden box. But if you play a more standard kalimbas, once its box wears out, you might pack yours between a few T-shirts.

Today, I am very happy to recommend a new solution: sturdy, attractive, black, zipper, close-fitting, well-filled soft shell kalimba bag, the price is also very beautiful.

If you are not aware of the practical concept of the kalimba bag, consider the three most common unfortunate events that may fall to unprotected kalimba: kalimba canothes may be pushed or pulled, making their arrangements confusing and letting them Disorder. You can drop your kalimba, which can damage or destroy the box and make the instrument out of tune. Or you can step on it and smash it

These kalimba bags will primarily prevent those who make the tines dysfunctional. If you put down the mat, protect the box and adjust, the filled box will also cushion the blow. If you step on your kalimba… well, you might be there on your own.

17 Note Kalimba Bag

These bags feature double zips, padded on the sides, top and bottom, and a handle. The fabric is hard and beautifully sewed. Five of them can be placed in my average backpack.

The Height Kalimba’s bag has a beautiful design and is comfortable kalimba. Other suitable models: 10 or 8 keys kalimba or small items.The medium-sized case has a darker gold pattern (like a small box) for 15-Note Heart Kalimba, Hugh Tracey Treble kalimba, Africa and SaReGaMa karimbas, any Hugh Tracey celeste model and Hugh Tracey Treble kalimba. It is also suitable for Protect kalimba , thumb piano storage bag.

Over the years, many people have relied on a special kalimba packaging solution for their kalimba show, usually involving cardboard boxes, scarves and foam wraps. Now, I am happy to say that in each of your performances, you can have a good bag to protect your thumb kalimba. You can rest assured.

Oh – they have done a good bag for other miscellaneous uses. Even if you don’t have kalimba, one of the bags will make you a cool kalimba player!

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