Learning Ukulele's little method

- Dec 15, 2018-

I want to learn to play in the shortest time. I recommend learning ukulele. In general, I can learn a few songs and sing in 1-3 months.

If you have time to practice slowly, learn to play the guitar first. In general, the difficulty of the guitar is more than double that of ukulele.

Regardless of boys and girls, learning to play Ukulele Ukulele will add points to their image. More critically, learning to play ukulele, or playing guitar, will add a lot of color and fun to your life, making your life happier and more romantic.

Before learning ukulele, you must first choose a piano that suits you. For beginners, you should choose a 21-inch mahogany guitar type ukulele.

The new piano needs a string of time. During this time, the sound of the piano will run frequently. Therefore, it is also very important to learn to adjust the piano. Basically, in the first week, you need to adjust the string before practicing the piano. Adjust to standard sound.

When the tool is ready, it is time to start practicing the song. You must learn how to see the score when you practice the song. Like the guitar, ukulele has its own unique score - the four-string spectrum.

The left hand chord is pressed according to the law. When you press the chord in your left hand, you need to pay attention to:

1. The left hand finger can't leave nails

2. When pressing a chord, the first knuckle of the finger needs to be perpendicular to the piano surface.

3. The finger should be placed in the position close to the metal strip, not in the middle of the grade, in order to put the chord into place.

Right hand rhythm type. The right-hand bombing method is divided into two types, which break down chords and sweeps. Decomposed chords are suitable for some lyrical songs; while sweeping strings are suitable for some cheerful and enthusiastic songs. Of course, there are also many songs, both of which play the same method. The prelude uses the decomposition chord, and the chorus part uses the sweeping string to increase the fullness of the song.