Maintenance of thumb piano

- May 13, 2020-

When not playing, please put the kalimba in the pocket or bag to avoid the collision.

Musical Instruments are made of wood (wood will heat up and shrink due to the humidity), so the storage of Musical Instruments to keep the relative humidity in the environment of 30-60, if damp, too dry will lead to pitch, resonance problems, easy to produce noise. (keep away from water, such as the bathroom, kitchen, sink, bathtub, etc.; Away from the heat source, heating, boiler, etc., winter heater at least one meter away; Avoid direct air conditioning)

17 keys kalimba

17 keys kalimba hard case

Remember cannot insolate below sunshine because it is natural lumber, insolation drying can bring about faceplate craze.

After playing the thumb piano, clean the fingers on the keys with a clean cloth to avoid rusting. If you don't use it for a long time, rub the keys with anti-rust oil.

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