Make Your Game Nights More Enjoyable

- Apr 11, 2019-

Today,I’ll Introduce a very useful board game bag for you.

This board game bag with adjustable shoulder strap allows you to adjust the bag to the most comfortable position, whether you are a low carrier or show a new neck tattoo, or prefer to raise the backpack to relieve back pressure.

The back of the backpack uses the same awesome moisture wicking net (you know, the mesh of absorbent water we talked about before?) plus extra padding to make your back feel like you are carrying a cloud same. A cloud filled with board games.

Best Board Game Travel Bag

Speaking of filling… We make sure to add fillers to the handles as well. Now the handle won‘t dig into your hand and make you cry… I will never do this.

Just a simple universal zip pull will not do this. We have a custom rubber zipper on each bag to match the inner color of the bag!Your laptop can also be added to your 15-inch laptop with your own dedicated padded pocket! Maybe it can be played when the AI becomes more advanced.

Do you know when you walk around and ask everyone where your sunglasses are to find them on your head? Ok, we have a strap on each side of the shoulder strap. You can clip the sunglasses so that the next time you walk around and ask if someone has seen your sunglasses, your friends don‘t have to point that high. Sunglasses.

Entering the night of the game will definitely make the game player thirsty. This is why there is an easy access to the side water bottle pocket. Still thirsty? On the other side of the bag there is a second bottle pocket for more water, or a celebration beer after you rule the night!

We make it easy to carry all the essentials, and the main bag has various sizes of zippers and elastic pockets. These pockets are perfect for your tech accessories, extra pens, markers, card games, snacks, and more. Feel free to share your snacks with everyone.

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