Metronomes & Click-Tracks of Cajon Box

- Mar 24, 2019-

The metronome or click-track has been over-used & misunderstood, BUT it is still critical if you want to play & record in the studio.If we think of the metronome or click-track simply as a reference point for where the beats in our music fall, we become less afraid of it & begin to use it to our advantage.


One of the hardest parts of playing is maintaining a certain tempo throughout a song. Live music notoriously speeds-up when it gets louder or more exciting & ballads notoriously slow down, as does music when we play it quieter. The metronome or click-track helps us to understand how our playing changes with different styles or volumes of music. If we use it when practicing our cajon Music box, we can make the necessary changes to ensure that we don't speed up or slow down every time we play a particular style or come to a certain place in the song. There isn't space here to cover click tracks in full but here are one or two hints that may help:


Listen for where you speed up or slow down. Listen where your beats fall relative to the click: are they late; on the beat or earl? Each of these will create a different feel for the music you play. Rock music tends be slightly before the beat to give a sense of urgency; ballads tend to fall behind the beat to give that lazy feel & a lot of modern pop tends to be pretty much right on the beat.


Live situations are notorious for playing songs considerably quicker than you are used to at rehearsal, simply because there is more adrenaline flowing. If tempo is important (which it usually is) then using a click track to start a song at a given tempo is very helpful; being familiar with click tracks is therefore, very useful :-)


Key Advice: Use click tracks or metronomes as a tool to understand your cajon drum box playing better. make adjustments as necessary. Learn your tendencies & habits so that you can make them submit to what is needed.


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