Multi-function board game bag

- Nov 26, 2019-

I believe that players who like to play board games know that most of our cards, chessboards and boxes are in paper version, and paper can't touch water. You can't rub it at random because the paper hits the water. It will be scrapped soon, and friction will rub our text and pictures.

And if this game is what we like very much, then the relative flatness we use is higher, and the box of our game, because of the friction in the process of opening a box, the opposite of our box is affected by The degree of damage will be greater, and we will not only sell one board game, but the relative quantity is too large, and it is not easy to store.


Hite Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. has always focused on producing top quality board games and other handbags. We are the only professional board game storage bag supplier in China. The factory of Height Music is located in Huizhou City, China.

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