Music is a wonderful thing

- Sep 05, 2019-

Music can make people taste the desire to love life, and feel the combination of music and nature brings me a fresh and pure space. The lyrics in music are a poem, and often follow the lyrics into the lyricist's state of mind, and my thoughts are enchanted by the lyrics and notes, and enjoy the fun.


Listening to music, whether you are happy or lost, you can find music that suits your mood. May share with her and be willing to be with her. Music is a very pure thing, with no impurities, no fake ingredients. So I fall in love with music, and solo is sometimes more fascinating than the crowd.


Different styles of music have different feelings, and music can relieve stress and adjust mood. The beauty of music is often inadvertently bumped into a full of surprises and emotions. Maybe it's just a classic old song, maybe just a simple melody, but it can make you unarmed and unarmed in the tears.


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