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1. Type of mode

Based on the twelve-average law (dividing the octave into twelve equal parts). In fact, in addition to the twelve equal temperament, there are many kinds of temperament systems, such as "pure law" and "five degrees of the law", but the mainstream of modern music is the average law, so the article is also based on the law of egalitarian.


A melody or a piece of music, which is always based on a certain tone, which is the basis of the pitch relationship of the various sounds in the music and is one of the important means of musical performance. Destroying the tone of the tone organization, then the music will become confusing and meaningless.


The expressiveness of the style is very rich, and each of the different styles has its own monetization characteristics.



2. The concept of mode

In music, an isolated sound or chord cannot shape the image of music, but many sounds that have nothing to do with each other are also difficult to express musical thought. The sounds used in music are always connected in a certain relationship.


A number of sounds (generally no more than seven) connected together in a certain relationship form a system with a tone as the center (the main tone). This system is called the tone.


The sounds in the tone are arranged in the order of high and low (up or down), and the main to the main tones are called scales.


The scale and the sound column are different. The former can show the law of the tone to a certain extent, while the sound column can only be the material that constitutes the tone.


The tone is the pitch position of the tone, and the name of the tone is composed of two parts, that is, the mark of the lead and the mark of the tone. For example, the major tone with C as the main tone is called C major. The traits (including the vocal height and the genre category) have their own characteristics called tonality.



3. The tone level of the tone and its characteristics

Each tone in the tone system is called a tone level. In the tone system, the sound that plays a role as a pillar and gives a sense of stability is called a stable sound. The most stable sound is the one we often say.


The stability and instability of the sound are relative. One sound or chord is stable in one tuning system and may be unstable in another tuning system. Even in the same mode, some stable tones may be temporarily unstable due to the difference in harmony processing.


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