Musical Commonsenses by Height Music

- Mar 04, 2019-

1.What is music? This is a matter of opinion. The author thinks that music is a kind of sound art rather than visual or other feeling art. The art of organizing musical sounds (sometimes with appropriate use of noise) according to certain rules to produce an aesthetic feeling is called music.

2.What is noise? What is musical sound? Sound waves are emitted when objects such as vocal cords, strings, wood, and motors vibrate. Sound waves travel through the air and enter our ears. The sound has the noise and the music sound cent: the vibration is not regular sound, like the wood board sound, madhaos sound and so on, calls the noise; Regular vibration, such as the human vocal cord issued by the song, from the strings issued by the piano, such as music. The sounds used in music are primarily musical.

3. What is pitch? Music sounds high and low. This is called pitch. Pitch is determined by the vibrational frequency of the object, which is high and low. For example, when women sing, the vocal cords vibrate more frequently, while when men sing, the vocal cords vibrate less frequently, so the male voice is lower than the female voice.

4. What is the range of music used in music? The musical notes used in music range from the lowest of 16 vibrations per second to the highest of 4,186 vibrations per second, or about 97. The largest piano in modern times can play 88 of them, making it the instrument with the largest range of music. Due to physiological limitations, people can only sing a small part of the music range.

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