musical skills

- Oct 31, 2018-

BASS performance is very technical and requires a good start, but it will encounter bottlenecks at a certain stage. Because good BASS players must master the melody and rhythm properly, they can fully play the role of the electric band coordinator, which will be highlighted below.

The BASS string is in the bass position, the string is thicker, the required finger is much stronger than the guitar string; and because the right hand is required to represent the split chord with the wheel finger, you cannot rely solely on the pick. In the left hand, because the range is different, the position and shape are different. You can't use the usual guitar technique to play BASS. "Fly" refers to the mistakes that many guitarists usually make when they turn to BASS.

In addition, BASS is relatively heavy, and requires a good sense of rhythm. If you practice drums and the like, it may be helpful to the rhythm.