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- Apr 15, 2019-

The tools we want to discuss are an interesting and important tool. It has an extraordinary history and its trend is rising. People like this wonderful instrument and it is not difficult to operate. We are talking about old instruments that originated in the 18th century and have many amazing stories about its history.

Yes, this is Cajon.Uygen Wood Percussion Box 

Cajon is actually a Spanish word meaning a drawer or a box. It is a drum-like instrument shaped like a box that can be played by tapping its back or front with a hand or several different tools. Over time, some important and different developments have been made to improve the structure of this instrument, which is famous today.

It is widely believed that the origin of this ancient instrument was in Peru, which was a tool for African slaves. In fact, in the colonial era, owners have banned the use of musical instruments, including drums.

Mahogany Tapping Cajon Percussion

The slaves are not allowed to keep and play any instruments, so they developed their own instruments. They come from a rich background of music, and their culture does not keep them away from music for a long time. The ban does not stop the slave communities in Cuba and Peru, who use the transport boxes and old wooden boxes as drums to achieve their passion.

In Cuba, old drawers and any box-like structures in the home are also used as musical instruments. They used to beat these boxes and crates in their free time and enjoy their traditional tones. This is the safest way for them to play music because there are no suitable instruments because they may be in trouble.

Birch Wood Cajon Box Drum

Over time, some changes have been made to the basic structure to improve its tone. Add internal wires to create a snare sound, and Cajons used today have different types. The instrument is easy to use, simple in construction, versatile, has many applications in music, and is combined with a variety of styles.

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