Novice learn guitar, how to get started quickly

- Jul 03, 2020-

Guitar playing is very happy, very romantic and very cool. As the saying goes, "if you are not afraid of gangsters having culture, you are afraid of gangsters having guitars." Everyone knows that guitars are a magical tool for girls. I believe that many people have thrown a dusty guitar under the bed and in the corner, and gave up the guitar because they can't learn it.


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In fact, the study of the guitar is related to your hobby of guitar and musical talent. Especially the degree of interest in guitars, which is the motivation that supports you to stick to it. The degree of hobbies will also determine how long you spend studying the guitar every day. Talent is a real thing. For talented people, inspiration will come faster.

If you are a novice and want to learn guitar, it is still recommended that you enroll in a training class. If you really don’t want to go to the training class and want to study by yourself, then the editor tells you that this is absolutely no problem. For a month, as long as you keep practicing for three hours a day, you can play some simple songs.

For self-taught guitar, first of all, you need to know the basics of sitting and holding the guitar, and which finger to dial the corresponding string. There are also guitar tunings. If you are a novice, you can download a guitar tuning mobile phone software or you can use the tuner you bought.


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In the second stage, you need to find a song you like best, it is better to be simple, and print the guitar score. According to the rhythm pattern on the guitar score, like 53231323, 43231323, the left-hand does not need to press the chord, it is to practice the rhythm. It must be very stable and very uniform. It is best to practice with the metronome. This process is very boring but very important.

In the third stage, the most important one, the rhythm of the right hand is matched with the chord practice of the left hand. You can first connect each chord individually to find the feeling of each chord, then practice the conversion of one chord to another, and how your fingers move in the past. This process is very boring and painful.

Many people give up at this stage, because the left hand is very painful to press the string, and it is normal to wear off the skin and bleed. At this stage, don't suspend the practice because of the pain. In fact, you can practice the cocoon with your left hand for more than a month. After the cocoon is there, it will not hurt, and the tone of the chord will be improved.

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In the fourth stage, rhythm, chords and singing, at this time your chord conversion must be very solid, and the left and right hands can walk normally without seeing. When you sing, be sure to see from which tone you start singing. You don’t have to deliberately follow the words on the guitar spectrum for each tone, as long as the first and last words of each sentence are in Just rhythmically, otherwise it would be messy if you sing easily.

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