On what does the harp sound?

- Dec 11, 2019-

As a stringed instrument, harp's pronunciation relies on mechanical force to vibrate the tensioned strings, so the sound volume is limited. Usually different strings are used to play different notes, sometimes by changing the length of the string to achieve the goal of changing the pitch.

Harp (English: harp, meaning: Arpa, DE: Harfe, Persian: چ ن گ), is a large stringed instrument. The harp is one of the oldest harpsichord instruments in the world, originating in ancient Persia (Iran). Early harps had strings arranged in a diatonic scale, with limited intonation. The modern harp, designed in 1810 by the French piano maker s. erard, has forty-seven strings of different lengths, seven pedals that change the pitch of the strings and produce all the tones.


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