One of Kalimba's most healing and best-handed instruments

- Nov 22, 2019-

Kalimba is a kind of traditional musical instrument originated from Africa. It is a kind of iron piece of different sizes, which is matched with wood speakers to produce a musical instrument with high pitch resonance. Therefore, the traditional name of the thumb piano is actually called "iron piece piano".

The prototype design of Kalimbaqin is very simple and rough, and because each tribe in Africa has its own design, the Kalimbaqin was not called "Kalimba" but was called "Mbira". It is said that the talent and enthusiasm of black people for music is really a gift from heaven. The mbira instrument was also discovered by Hugh Tracey, an expert on African music at that time, and improved to become the current Kalimba (thumb).

The structure design of the Kalimba (thumbone) is very mature now. In addition to the positive resonance hole, the resonance box also has two small ring holes on the back. This design not only improves the volume and sustain, but also allows the thumb player to make some "vibrato techniques."

South African Kalimba

Even the resonance box has different wood configurations;

The most common are "Mahogany" and "Acacia" (Koa)

This also gives Kalimba players more choices of sound.

Currently, the Kalimba (the thumb piano) on the market is mainly divided into 10 keys and 17 keys.

Although the pitch of the 10 button is small, the keyboard is wide and suitable for children to be an entry instrument.

The 17-key tone is better than the 10 button (the resonance box is larger and the keyboard material is better)

Bring accompaniment, solo or match with an acoustic guitar or uklele, the effect is very good!

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