Padded Board Game Carrying Bag

- Mar 11, 2019-

Good quality bag with good material and even good quality accessories like tapes, zipper, zipper pullers ecr. Functional,easy taken,easy to storage games, stronger enough to bear more than 8 kg games.

Using Gamefolios give you the added benefit of protecting your game boxes and the artwork thereon by leaving them safely at home. They also keep your game pieces from getting jumbled like a tossed salad or falling all over the place should you accidentally drop, bump, or knock over a Gamefolio Case or the bag they are in. Game boxes aren’t so forgiving.

Use Gamefolios in conjunctionwith ourVault;duffle bagThe Vault duffle bag can hold 4-5Gamefolio cases, depending on how full each case is.One to three games or more can fit inside each Gamefolio depending on the size and structure of eachgame.

Padded Board Game Carrying Bag


Lifetime Guarantee

Durable, highly water-resistant fabric

Impact resistant EVA foam padding throughout

Self-healing zippers

Shoulder strap compatible (Not included. Order Here.)

Great for board games, card games, dice games, RPG's, and more

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