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- Apr 16, 2019-

At Height. We offer three unique brands for a wide range of instruments:ukulele,lyre,kalimba.

Concert Laminate KOA Wood For Kids

Concert Laminate KOA Wood For Kids

Spruce Wood 10 String Lyre Harp

Spruce Wood 10 String Lyre Harp

10 Keys Kalimba Thumb Piano

10 Keys Kalimba Thumb Piano

From beautiful hand-made thumb pianos to beautiful ukuleles, each instrument is carefully constructed to give players a chance to make a sound.

The finest materials are carefully selected and operated to create stunning products.

Combine your talents and these irritating instruments become real works of art.

Everyone can play – children or adults, novices or professionals, ukulele for everyone who starts playing instruments. Winzz soprano ukulele is the best choice for you with the beginner’s bag.

Adjusting the ukulele:

In order to avoid damage during transportation, the ukulele has not been adjusted.

The clip tuner in the package will help you make adjustments. The standard C tuning is characterized by the strings being adjusted to G C E A (from left to right when you put the ukulele directly in front). You can start adjusting with the third string, the third string.

For new instruments, strings and wood take time to adapt to the pull. You may need to adjust the ukulele multiple times until the balance of power and adjust the tone. This time may last for a few days due to temperature and humidity

Mahogany Concert Ukulele With Transparent Blue

Other instructions:

The wood has been dried for many years and each ukulele is hand-polished and polished before packaging. Therefore, when you open the package for the first time, it may emit wood and paint odor. Keep it in a ventilated environment for a while to avoid direct water and direct sunlight.

Trust and quality – Whether it’s solo, playing with singing or playing with friends, Winzz Soprano ukulele has a beech top, a bodhi tree back and sides that provide a bright and unique sound. 100% money back guarantee within one month and an additional one year warranty on manufacturing defects.

Easy to use – The choice of beech fingerboards and bridges provides a sturdy construction and a smooth touch, allowing you to flip the strings freely on the nylon strings, whether you play chords or monophonic.

Easy to adjust – The classic gear head fine-tunes the tone during tuning and locks the strings tightly during play to prevent vibration.

Ukulele Bag Sewing Pattern

ALL-IN-ONE – Waterproof nylon bag provides excellent protection and portability; clip-on tuner with LED display allows you to easily adjust; extra strings can be changed when the case is interrupted; hook straps allow you to stand Postures; timbre stickers and chord cards can help you get started easily; polishing cloths can be kept clean; picks are just gifts.

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