Points When Purchasing Kalimba (I)

- Feb 22, 2019-

Kalimba, also known as the thumb piano, is a very national instrument, named for the use of the thumb to pluck the thin pieces of the body. It is easy to carry and play, the timbre is very ethereal, also gradually by other areas people love. Today Hodor will introduce some tipsthat should be pay attention when purchase of kalimba.Firstly,Let’s focus on the outside of kalimba.

Plywood or Full Sheet

As a musical instrument made of wood, carimba is also divided into veneer and composite board according to the material of the panel. Two different kinds of materials make a very different sound, and we can see whether it's a veneer or a plywood by looking at the cross section of the sound hole.

1) complete sheet: the one-piece piano body made of a whole piece of wood. The internal structure is compact and natural, which can quickly and completely transmit vibration and achieve full resonance, making the timbre of carinba pure and more ethereal.

2) plywood: extruded from three plates. Vibration in a number of plate transfer, loss of large, slightly weakened volume, timbre is relatively mixed, as ethereal veneer.

Choose good wood

The wood that makes karimba usually has mahogany core wood, acacia wood, spruce wood, red sandalwood, bamboo, etc., the exterior of different wood and individual character are different, its timbre is different also, choose to suit oneself lumber ability to send out the timbre that oneself want. Let's take a look at some common types of wood.

1) mahogany: the wood grain is beautiful, hard and light, and the appearance is suitable for varnish and gradual red; The timbre is warm and full, with good tone retention.

2) acacia wood: beautiful grain, elegant color and luster, good smell, dark brown color; The timbre focuses on medium frequency, resonant performance is good, the timbre is sweet, crisp and pleasant.

3) spruce: medium to fine wood muscle, wood texture straight with luster, wood light soft, no special smell, nearly white to light brown; The wood is of the highest musical quality and is suitable for making musical boards.

4) bamboo: clear and beautiful bamboo grain, smooth texture, light color; Used in Musical Instruments, strong resonance, good tone, clear and crisp quality.

Different wood decided to point to different timbre, everybody is when the choose and buy should choose according to their own direction.But in HEIGHT,you can find everything you want!

Edit by Hodor Wong