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- Apr 21, 2019-

This Height ukulele bag made from fabric,more lighter than fiberglass and vinyl cousins.

This special bag is made of durable, waterproof 600D oxford nylon with a padded interior that protects your instrument from dust and protects it from impact damage.

There is also an external pouch for storing scores, tuner or other accessories.

Decoration interior

Like a guitar, the ukulele is made of wood and is easily warped and damaged.

This ukulele bag features a custom built-in design that keeps the instrument in place while supporting the neck, preventing wood from deforming.

This special case was designed for the soprano ukulele, but it also applies to the following instrument sizes:concert,tenor,baritone

Easy to carry and comfortable

This Height Ukulele bag is designed in two ways.

It features a molded plastic handle and an adjustable shoulder strap for maximum portability.

Whether you are travelling by car, subway or walking commute, carrying this box will be a breeze!

Cavaquinho Ukulele Bag

Filled plush interior

This ukulele bag features a padded plush interior designed to ease the impact and impact of your ukulele.

The soft interior also prevents scratches and other types of damage from contact with hard surfaces

Weather resistant nylon body

The bag’s outer casing is made of weather-resistant 600D oxford nylon to protect its contents from rain and snow.

It is lighter than an outer casing made of rigid fiberglass and vinyl.

External accessory compartment

It is not always a good idea to place accessories such as an electronic tuner in a chassis that could damage the body of the instrument.

The outer compartment of this enclosure provides storage for all your accessories and scores while still protecting them from components.

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