Protecting Your Kalimba

- Apr 13, 2019-

All kalimbass on the market will be filled with a small carton and a very thin velvet bag to protect it, and since kalimba is a good instrument, you will definitely spend a lot of time and want to take it anywhere.

The carton is easy to break after a long time, it is not easy to put in your backpack or it is not easy to take it without a handle, it is difficult to easily hurt you. You might think that a thin velvet bag can help you, but what happens if kalimba falls to the end? Yes, it will break, bcs thin velvet bag can’t protect it. Then what should we do?

The answer is that you need a Height kalimba bag that can protects your favourite kalimba.The foam padded bag is made of colored cotton fabric for transporting and transporting various sizes of Kalimba. These bags protect your instrument from damage, sunlight and moisture. They are completely waterproof.

10 Note Kalimba Bag

If Kalimba instruments are violently hit or dropped on the floor, they may be out of tune. The foam in the bag provides a protective pad that helps prevent rust and impact metal keys.This kalimba bag can be used as a handle to carry a bag with the device.

Bags with handles provide comfort when carrying larger and heavier instruments.

The features of this kalimba bag are

1. The product is treated with oxford thick sponge lining, soft velvet lining for rain and shockproof, better protect your Kalimba.

2. It comes with a side pocket that can hold more accessories. It is convenient for you to store your personal belongings while you are out.

3. The tote design makes it easier and more comfortable to use.

4. Sturdy and durable.

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