Recommend some board games for single people

- Nov 27, 2019-

1.Friday (FRIDAY)

The cover of "Friday" by Green Mao (a well-known board game designer with a signature green hair) is as green as ever. Green's "Friday" is estimated to be the most well-known single-person board game in the country. You will play Friday as a game to help Robinson disarm in the jungle while constantly arming himself. Finally, fight the pirates and escape from the island. The cards in the game are both upper and lower parts. The danger of dissolving will be added to the cards formed by the players. It can be said that it is a simple card construction mechanism.

2. Hostage Negotiator

In the hostage negotiations, the player will play the negotiating expert, play the negotiating cards in the hands and confront the kidnappers, stabilize the kidnapped emotions, and rescue the hostages, kill or arrest the kidnappers. Each round draws a card from the hand to influence the kidnapper, decides the result by casting a dice, clears the terrorist card at the end of the round, and purchases a new negotiation card.

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3. Coffee Roaster (Coffee Roaste

A game that simulates brewing coffee, including coffee beans, moisture and various fragrant substances in the bag, baking again and again. Each time the baking, the water will evaporate, the coffee beans will ripen, and the fragrant substances will have various wonderful things. chemical reaction. Until you feel that the coffee is cooked, you can pour it into the cup for a rating.

The length of the article is limited. There is no way to mention all the board games that can be played by a single person. Only some games suitable for single players are mentioned.

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