Regarding the ukulele guitar capo

- Apr 24, 2020-

The capo is a commonly used auxiliary tool in Ukulele's playing, which is commonly used to increase the pitch. When a girl wants to sing a boy tune or a boy sing a girl tune, you can solve the problem of unsuitable tune as long as the key is clipped on the 3rd to 5th fret. Choosing the tune that suits us can make us play better.

The principle of using transposition clips is to use the relationship between the adjacent qualities of the Ukulele fingerboard to be semitones, and to suppress the fret to increase the corresponding interval of the tune so that it is in harmony with the singer's voice, and the fingering is still Play with the original fingering.

First of all, we need to know that the adjacent qualities of the Ukulele fingerboard are semitones. For example, the tune is F, then the key is the #F key, and the second character is G By analogy, we must basically grasp the relationship between semitones and whole tones between the tones, that is, the grid of CDEFGAB tones on the fingerboard. The rule is as shown above, but as long as we remember that E to F and B to C are semitone relations, and others are full tone relations, we can accurately push out the required key on the fretboard. It should be noted that the capo can only increase the pitch. When you think the song is set too high, you can only achieve the purpose of transposing by lowering the strings.


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