Rhythm Master-Cajon Drum takes you to play music

- Jun 12, 2020-

Cajon is a percussion instrument that originated in Africa. Cajon drums were originally made of a short, hollow tree stump. The local people beat the stump surface to make different sounds. They were used as accompaniment instruments in cabaret performances. They were later brought to America by black slaves. Peru and other regions. The modified Kahon drum looks like a rectangular wooden box, and its sound is similar to a jazz drum (drum), so you can sit directly on the drum and beat it. Because it is lighter and easier to learn than drums, it has become the choice of many bands or percussion enthusiasts.

Natural Wood Cajon Box


Cajon originated in the middle and western countries of Africa and then became popular in South America. Now this kind of musical instrument originated from Africa has spread all over the world, not only professional percussionists but other musicians have also begun to learn to play box drums.


During the performance, the player sits on the instrument, leans forward slightly, and raises Cajon to a certain angle. You can use your palm to hit the drum surface or use your finger to drum. It looks simple but it is a test of skill. How to accurately grasp the rhythm, fully show the player's emotions, but also to appear casual and free and easy, all players need to figure out.


cajon for beginners

Cajon drums are percussion, and percussion is the best way to bring children into music enlightenment because percussion is easy to learn, learn to make the limbs more coordinated, promote the development of the balance of the brain and cerebellum, develop intelligence, measure a person's music. The first condition of literacy is a sense of rhythm. Through the test of memory, imitation, comprehension, and reaction to the sense of rhythm, one will understand one's main musical qualities.


The magic of Cajon Drum:

1. Promote the balanced development of the right brain potential

2. Exercise the coordination and balance of the limbs

3. Can promote the enhancement of observation and memory

4. Develop musical expertise

5. Cultivate a good sense of rhythm and musical foundation

6. Improve children's attention, reaction, etc.

7. Make children more cheerful, lively and confident

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