Secret in the violin case

- Nov 07, 2019-

The violin case is the only destination for the violin transport and preservation. In addition to the piano, there are some spaces for the game to put some matching gadgets. Let's take a look at what is "must" in the box.

1. Spare string: The life of the string, if it is about three hours per day, the life expectancy is no more than 3 months, not changed. Using excessive strings can affect the pitch and tone. It is recommended to prepare a set of G, D, A in the case, and add two E strings as strings. At least one of the A and E strings should also be available. Don't buy too many spare strings. If you put them too long, the strings will oxidize.

2. Rosin: But many people forget to relax the fragrance, pay attention to the lid, the box should be complete, otherwise it will stick everywhere.

3. Pencil, Eraser: Whether it is individual, group practice, rehearsal, pencil eraser is a must, so develop a set of custom piano boxes. The pencil is recommended to be at least 2B. Do not use a fine tip such as 0.5. Do not write with a raw ballpoint pen. Try not to use a colored pen. The more you paint, the less easy it is to read the score.

4. Small squares: Cotton small squares are best for wiping sweat, especially for cleaning the hands of musical instruments. The grip of the neck, fingerboard, chin rest, and bow, where it is easy to get sweat, can be wiped out at any time with a small square. Increase the efficiency of practice, also consider hygiene, and use too much than handkerchief.

violin case

5. Baby gauze handkerchief: This is specially used to clean rosin. Gauze cleans the string and the rosin on the bow is particularly easy. Old male cotton underwear can also be used instead. Every once in a while, it is easy to clean with soap.

6. Wipe the piano: The third piece of cloth is a cloth that is specially painted to clean the body. Piano cloth, or special cotton and cashmere cloth. The three pieces of cloth have their own uses, avoiding mixing, so as to prevent the rosin, sweat and the body from sticking to each other.

7. Nail scissors: Yes, put a small nail in the piano box and check your nails at any time. Long nails not only hinder the left hand operation, affect the sound, but also easily damage the strings and fingerboards.

8. Muscle: As long as you have an orchestra, it must be a must-have item. Personal songs are also needed, so it is necessary to learn to a certain extent.

9. Tuner: During practice, especially before each start, you must always pay attention to the correctness of the empty string of your instrument, and prepare a tuning device that can emit a pitch, such as a tuner, tuning whistle or tuning fork. . Do not tune with a pointer tuner, it is to tune with the eyes, not the ears. Of course, with any fixed pitch instrument, such as a piano, the standard sound must come from the instrument. Nowadays, smart phones have more tuner functions, which can be used more.