Several ukulele coordination exercises will be practiced~

- Feb 27, 2019-


The acquaintances who first met ukulele wanted to be able to get started in ukulele in the shortest possible time, and then they could freely play ukulele after a period of study. Then we will analyze and analyze what steps will enable our beginners to learn more about Ukulele and how to use ukulele to coordinate exercises.

These links are divided into: one, foot beat (tempo); second, mouth (counting); three, right hand (control training); four, left hand (control training), of course, these links are all distributed by the brain, Or it can be said that each part is divided into exercises!

NO·1 foot shot (tempo)

Only a stable tempo can make the coordinates of the note activity, and the coordinates are the guarantee that you can play correctly. Just like drawing, there is no accurate coordinate, it is not correct., then beginner ukulele The hobby is determined by the tempo as the time coordinate. So without a stable tempo, there is no future for studying ukulele.

NO·2 mouth (counting)

The number of beats or the movement of several feet is a good way to cultivate the sense of rhythm. A large number of repeated rhythm patterns can improve the understanding and grasp of the rhythm, and can clearly change the position of the technique, thus improving the ukulele bomb. Playing the control ability of the own ~ at the same time the sound of the mouth made the first step of the separation practice!

NO·3 right hand (control training)

It is very difficult to play the sound of the sound without regular formal training. It is also the second step of joining the practice of separation. The practice of the three sessions begins. Some of the students’ feet have begun to be called. training.

NO·4 left hand (control training)

The left hand needs a certain degree of flexibility and span, and practicing more to climb the grid will be of great help. The goal of the left-handed exercise is to make the sounds coherent, and the fingers can be independent (for example, when the index finger is pressed horizontally, the rest of the fingers still need to relax, they can be chords) and cooperate with each other. In addition, the little finger is weak, you should always use the ring finger instead of exercise. The author summarizes a set of "reservation refers to the practice method", which can effectively exercise the flexibility and endurance of the left hand finger.

At this time, as long as we learn to know the ukulele spectrum and related staves, we can play the music smoothly. This is a reasonable way of learning. It summarizes all the necessary contents of the beginner ukulele. If it is not enough, it will be difficult to carry out the ukulele for a long time, and constantly strengthen the coordination exercises of the four links, you can continue to make Everyone's playing level is improved!