Some advice for ukulele beginners--how to select ukulele size ?

- Nov 22, 2018-

When we were studying ukulele, we needed to understand some of the common sense of ukulele. Today, Height Music here happy to bring you ukulele common sense and beginner advice, we hope it do help everyone. And for first ,the most important thing is how to select a suitable ukulele size for yourself ? Below are some suggestions and difference about ukulele size.

Ukulele Size Classification

Ukulele is usually divided into four categories: soprano, concert, tenor and baritone. The sizes are 21 inches, 24 inches, 26 inches, 30 inches.

height music ukulele sizes

Each size of ukulele has its sound advantage, the specific choice is to look at personal preferences, but it is not recommended for beginners to choose 30 inch, 30 inch for the bass, the final sound is the guitar;s first four strings, it is a kind Little guitar, fingering is also a reduced version of guitar fingering, which may be more suitable for friends who have played guitar.

Type S (21 inches-Soprano): light and good to take no burden, the most original ukulele model, the lowest price, the most choice, suitable for beginners. The treble is more special, and the line is stronger. It is especially suitable for finger styles. It can be played with friends at any time. The sound is the most crisp and bright. It is the representative of Ukulele, but the range is more limited.There are many OEM ukuleles for beginners.

Type C (24 inches-Concert): The sound is richer than the S type, the resonance is good, the playing is strong, the high school low frequency is relatively balanced, the size is moderate, and it is recommended for beginners to choose. Fingers with medium or a little finger flexibility, or a slightly older elder to learn, will need a large piano to press the string, and the S-type finger will be very crowded on the fingerboard. Choosing the T-type may not feel good. Hold, so between the S and T is the C type. Many girls also choose the C type after having a certain Ukulele basis.

Type T(26 inches-Tenor): The sound range is wider, the sound is more full and round, and the resonance is very good. It is suitable for playing. It is considered to be a solo model especially suitable for finger-type. It is a good choice for finger-like selection. The volume is relatively large, the fingerboard ratio is also wide, and the grade distance is long. It can be said that it is a standard performance model. Many boys will choose the T type after having a certain Ukulele basis.

Type B (30 inches-baritone): This is a very big size,so normally suitable for man and professional ukulele players.

The above are some descriptions of ukulele size and some suggestions for everyone. In one word, if you are a ukulele beginner,the 23inches are very suitable for you, bcs it can also be played when you become more professional and also easy to play when you are a beignner. Anyway you can select your suitable size according to the above suggestions,hope it helps. Thank you for taking the time.

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