Spanish castanets

- Dec 25, 2019-

Castanets are usually made of wood, shell-shaped, without a certain pitch, is the use of two castanets against each other and pronunciation, usually played with the right hand. When using a pair of castanets, hold one in the left and one in the right. Like the triangle iron and the small drum, it is suitable for playing a variety of rhythms.

Castanets originated in Egypt and are still widely used in Spanish folk dances. It has been around since the Roman and middle ages. The real castanets are played with fingers attached to them, but it is not easy to play a complex and free rhythm, which requires great skill. In order to facilitate the use of the band players, modern band castanets are equipped with wooden handles, just by hand. Of course this simplified instrument cannot be compared to the real castanets.

As a band instrument, castanets are often used in orchestral music with Spanish characteristics. Examples include bizet's Carmen and chabriere's Spanish rhapsody. It is also used to enhance the rhythm of music, as in prokofiev's piano concerto no. 3 and milo's the people who sacrifice.