Spanish castanets structure

- Nov 02, 2019-

Structure: It consists of a pair of palm-sized, shell-shaped flat wood pieces. The two pieces of wood are tied with a string that fits over the thumb.

Use material: Made of hard wood such as mahogany or ebony.

Musical instrument features: Bamboo and wood sound instruments, no fixed pitch. During the performance, the two castanets are hung on the thumb like the shell-like, and the other four fingers take turns to hit the - the castanets, making them slam on the other. The color is crisp and translucent, not only can make a simple beat for the song and dance directly, but also can play a variety of complex and wonderful rhythm patterns, do not have a special feature.

The Spanish castanets produced by Height Instruments Ltd. are made of wood, non-toxic and safe, new and high quality, designed for children.

Spanish castanets structure

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