Speaker daily maintenance method

- Nov 28, 2019-

The speaker should be placed in a place where direct sunlight is not allowed, and the speaker should not be placed next to the radiator and the temperature is too low, otherwise it will cause foaming of the surface of the cabinet or aging of electrical components, and do not place the speaker in the wet for a long time. Places, so as not to make the voice coil rusty or moldy.

Do not place the speakers too close to the CRT monitor. Because the CRT monitor is too delicate, even the anti-magnetic speaker will have a certain impact on the display. Similarly, the speakers should be kept away from strong magnetic fields. If the phone is close to the speaker, the speaker will make noise when calling.

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The effect of humidity is also great, such as the veneer outside the dry speaker will burst. Thick wood cabinets are also prone to cracks. The solution is to buy a humidifier or put a basin of water in the room. If the humidity is too high, the cone is prone to moisture and mildew, resulting in weak sound playback, and the exposed metal wires are also susceptible to oxidation. The solution is to put some desiccant and desiccant in the room.

It is very important to remove the dust from the speaker. If you don't listen to the speaker, you should add a dust cover to prevent the child from touching the sound-emitting unit. The surface of the speaker can be cleaned by using a towel dampened with water and then wiped, but do not let the speaker unit get wet.

When listening, first check if the wiring is correct and the potentiometer position is too large. When starting, shutting down, restarting, etc., the speaker volume should be turned off to the minimum or the power should be turned off to prevent damage caused by large inrush current.

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