String structure

- Oct 31, 2018-

Usually there are only four strings, which are one octave lower than the last four strings of the guitar, namely E, A, D, G. The reason why there are 5 strings, 6 strings, 8 strings and 12 strings and 24 strings Bass appears to enhance the performance of the bass guitar, making its playing skills and functions more perfect and diversified. Musical instrument features: It is an electro-acoustic instrument, and the volume change can be adjusted. The middle and low sound areas are thick and loud, and the high sound area is brighter. Like the guitar, you can use a variety of techniques to play the characteristic melody. Therefore, the electric bass is not only used as a bass accompaniment instrument in the ensemble, it often produces memorable phrases, beautiful sounds, smooth melody and very good texture. Strong, rich in change.

Sound and expressiveness: BASS solo sound is low, on the one hand, it is very lyrical expressive. Playing BAZZ with BASS is very tasteful. In addition, because BASS rhythm is strong in FUNK music, it is more and more important. In the metal, bass is indispensable. Whether it is new metal or traditional metal music, bass is the rhythm and foundation of the band.