Tambourine knowledge

- Jun 15, 2019-

The tambourine is a large category in the drum and is a percussion instrument. The names of the localities and ethnic groups are different, and the laws and regulations are slightly different. The most typical of them is Uygur Dab. Many countries in the Middle East and Central Asia have their own tambourine instruments.

Among them, "Dab" is a tambourine of Uygur, Uzbek, Tajik and other ethnic groups, popular in Xinjiang. The Uighur language is called "Nagmandab" or "Dab". The body is flat round or octagonal, with a single-faced sheepskin or suede, and a number of small copper or iron cymbals are embedded around the frame, hence the name. The diameter ranges from 20 to 50 cm. It has a long history and has appeared in the Dunhuang Northern Wei murals from the fourth to the sixth century.

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