Tambourine structure

- Jun 17, 2019-

The drum body is oblate, the drum frame is wooden, and some are made by multi-layer slats. The diameter of the drum is 19.5 cm and the height of the drum is 3.5 cm to 4 cm. Both sides are covered with cowhide or sheepskin.

The leather surface is pre-stitched on a round iron ring larger than the drum mouth. The iron ring is made of thick lead wire and has a diameter of 21.5 cm. Then, a rope is worn in the two iron rings, and the iron ring is tightened to tighten the drum skin.

The side of the drum frame has a short wooden handle with a shank length of 9 cm and a shank diameter of 2.6 cm. The tambourine has no surface finish, and the drum frame and short handle are painted red. The drumsticks are wooden, the length is 26 cm, and the handle is slightly thicker.

Plastic Star-shaped Tambourine with 14 Pairs Jingles