Teach you how to solve the Kalimba murmur

- Sep 03, 2019-

Kalimba is a national musical instrument with ethnic characteristics in Africa. It mainly uses the thumb to move the thin slices on the body (mainly wooden, bamboo, and metal in modern development).

So, why is it so simple that the Kalimba instrument has a murmur? In general, there are several reasons for the murmur in Kalimba.

1. Repeated friction between the keys and the stainless steel pillow, resulting in the lack of the pillow

2, Kalimba key (shrap) metal fatigue, directly lead to weakened elasticity, which is inseparable from raw materials

3. A small number of manufacturers have low raw materials, and inferior fixed zithers are used in the production process of the piano.

4, when the piano is shipped from the factory, some brands of QC did not strictly check and debug the piano (quality control problem)

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For the above reasons, teach you two ways to solve

1. Move the key to the left or right, or try to move forward and push the key, and grind it into the bridge as it moves to solve the noise.

2. Pad the paper at the joint of the key and the pillow (this method is only temporary) Cut a piece of ordinary office paper or a4 paper into a strip of about 0.3cm x 0.3cm (the thinner the better).

Lift the key up and slide the strip between the key and the pillow. Lower the key until it grips the paper and then remove the excess paper.

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