The Advantage of Height Board Game Bag

- Mar 29, 2019-

The Height Board Game is the perfect solution for carrying and storing your favorite games and accessories of all shapes and sizes, including popular oversized games that are just too big for other bags. Its versatility and style are unmatched! The Height Board Game looks great and works great. Game night made easier!As a board game bag it‘s nearly ideal.

Durable Board Game BagDurable Board Game Bag 2


Finding a safe way to transport your board games can be tricky. Some game carrying systems can be expensive and bulky while do-it-yourself solutions can cause unnecessary wear-and-tear on your board game boxes.


The Board Game Bag is more affordable than other game carrying systems and gives you better protection than DIY



Fits up to 4 standard square board game boxes (like Ticket to Ride) or even more if the boxes are smaller. The Board Game Bag folds flat.


You‘re on your way to game night and all you can think about is whitened corners on your beautiful board game boxes because you brought them in a grocery bag.

The Board Game Bag is padded on all sides with a smooth and soft nylon interior so all your games are safe and protected.


Does your OCD side cringe every time you see a board game stored or carried on it‘s side? Keep your meeple where they belong and carry the box flat.

The top and side of The Board Game Bag completely open so you can easily slide your games in and out.


The Height board game bag is waterproof, and you can go out on a trip or partipate in activies , etc. If you are in heavy rain on the way, it will protect your favorite board game from any damage. It gives you great convenience when you go out for activities. This is undoubtedly the best choice for all board game enthusiasts.

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