The Best dedicated Board Game Backpacks

- Apr 09, 2019-

The Height system is an adaptive, intelligent, dedicated bag, case and accessory system for desktop and board game enthusiasts. Our system is custom designed to play, transport, store and protect your game in a simple and secure manner. It is suitable for board games, card games, dice games, role-playing games and various other types of games. Suitable for playing games with friends, traveling with games, game conventions or tournaments, and playing games at home, organizing, protecting and storing games.

This is an essential game pack solution, and its custom, specially designed design allows it to do things that other packages can’t do. There are no other similar systems. Your gaming experience will never change!

Padded Board Game Carrying Bag

The Height’s board game bag is perfect for our Game case and can be used directly with your game box or combination. The safe bag can accommodate 5 standard Gamefolio cases or 10-30 small standard ganes, depending on the fullness of each case. The Height’s side bag have plenty of room for extra games, snacks, drinks, laptops, tablets, pens, paper, and anything else you need for anytime, anywhere game.

Each standard board game bag also includes 6 separate transparent zip pouches for organizing your gameplay in the Gamefolio case.

Our custom-made bags, cases and accessories feature a lifetime warranty, durable, highly waterproof nylon fabric, protective, impact-resistant foam padding, high quality metal fittings, self-repairing zippers, and a variety of pockets, pouches, and compartments to take care of you like a boss. Game equipment.

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