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- Apr 17, 2017-

Lyre Harp combines two instruments based on stringed instruments. One is Lyre, we can find a lot of references in Greek history and culture. It should be the best deal to really determine your soul and how to get the best music for you. There is a string-like board that attaches the strings like a harp.

The Height's perfect Irish string harp can be placed in your living room when not in use, or you can choose one of the oldest stringed instruments to practice. This is how we look for the best deals and how to relate them to some of the audience, such as folklore and ancient touches. Lyre Harp for Sale will also be a convenience for learners as one of the best musical instruments for learning music.

16 Inch Lyre Harp 10 Meatal String 3

16 Inch Lyre Harp 10 Meatal String 2

The Height offers the highest quality Irish Lyre Harp made from spruce wood. You can start with Height spruce wood 10 Strings , or choose Lacewood materials and enjoy their art design and typical Irish carvings. Get a more professional and professional harp special Muzikkon Lyre Harp 16 string rosewood with a uniform majestic look and more strings. Our Irish Lyre Harp always offers a great work of art to output without using music.


16 Inch Lyre Harp 10 Meatal String

If you want to look really elegant and attractive when playing Height's Lyre Hard, choose one.No one can offer the better-looking Lyre Harp in the industry. Our harp will also provide you with the pleasure of Harp and Lyre.

10-string Lyre Harp. The sturdy sheesham body fits the soft and soft curves of this banjo. Ten metal strings provide classic sound enhanced by classic spruce soundboards. When you don't play, you can hang it as a piece of art; it's beautiful. You deserve to have a lyre.

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