The Cajon bag can provide this feature!

- Aug 15, 2017-

As Cajon becomes more popular, proper care and handling of the instrument is required to maintain its aesthetics. This is where Cajon Bag and Case enter the picture. The specially designed bag is very useful for travel musicians because it makes it easy and easy to transport instruments. There are now many cool designs and color bags that anyone can proudly carry with them. The bag not only provides musicians with the advantages of fashion and fashion, but also solves transportation problems and protects the rollers from scratches and dust.

Cajon has recently become the most popular and preferred percussion instrument in the drummer. Some even prefer a full drum type. In terms of music, this is a small thing that can do a lot of things. It’s so simple and simple, even beginners find it easy to play. Professionals are constantly discovering new ways and new voices. It inspired many musicians from all over the world and created many wonderful music. It has become the perfect companion for all music players, and only the proper care can get the care you deserve.

Traveling Cajon Box Carry Bag

Designed and manufactured specifically for specific types of rollers. You can choose from a regular type or style package that can accommodate all brands and models of boxes, such as drums. Another type of Cajon Bag is designed for inclusion and musical instruments. For musicians who are always moving, you can immediately realize the true effect of this percussion instrument and you find that the sound from the instrument really increases your band or solo. The effect of the performance.

These tote bags are made of high-quality materials for durability and long life. In order to provide extra protection during transport, the inside of the bag contains a soft lining. The lining acts as a shield to help protect the drum from harmful external factors and stresses that can damage it during the trip.

The carrying handle and shoulder strap also provide padding and comfort when in use. For added extra benefits, we also offer an external pocket to help you store nicknames or other small items you may need to carry.

Don’t hesitate, but buy Cajon Bag today and safely store and transport your favorite percussion instruments.

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