The Characteristics of the Board Game

- Mar 27, 2019-

Most of the board games use paper materials (or with a beautiful model), without the aid of other electronic devices. It is unplugged, but it has the characteristics of online games - emphasis on communication, and is a face-to-face game.

The best way to play games is the direct contact between people and people. They can communicate with each other. For example, the well-known game of "close the eyes in the dark" cannot be carried out online. If there is no face-to-face expression and body language changes, this is not the case.

Kinds of games also lose the fun of communication. Therefore, the board game is a game that is very suitable for friends and family gatherings, it has a more pure and more fun gameplay. Many video game designers around the world are looking for inspiration in board games or testing their new ideas in a board game.

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Therefore, modern board games have the following characteristics:

1.The game is usually designed as a multiplayer game, usually for 2-8 people. The game time in one game is usually half an hour to two hours;

2. The rules of the game are simple and easy to understand, even for children aged 8-12. On the other hand, the game requires a high degree of strategy, making the game equally attractive to adults;

3. The game design uses historical, economic, war, culture, art and architecture and a variety of themes and interesting rules to maximize the interaction between players. It is much richer than the traditional board games by rolling the dice moving steps and randomly extracting the game;

4. Usually no participants in the game will be eliminated in the middle of the game. The game ends after one or more players reach a certain goal or a certain round;

5. The game design drawing is full of artistic creativity, well-made and meticulous. Make each game a work that the player is happy to collect.

6. The game is open and supports players to create or extend rules. And participate in some good materials and rules for players to make their own good mode, which is called "Print & Play Games" abroad.

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