The difference between Lamilated Wood, Solid Wood and Top Solid Wood

- Dec 03, 2020-

Ukulele material

The material considered best for ukulele is the rare Hawaiian hardwood tree KOA, but logging has been banned as it has become increasingly rare. Even if some premium brands are still in stock, they were stored years ago, making them extremely expensive. KOA wood is now widely available in Taiwan, and some Southeast Asian countries, the price is relatively appropriate. The price is more suitable is to use mahogany, the sound is sweet, the appearance is beautiful, is also good.


The difference between Lamilated Wood, Solid Wood and Top Solid Wood


Solid wood, refers to a natural wood board.The advantage of solid wood is very obvious, because it is natural solid wood, the timbre is comfortable, pure.

Lamilated Wood, usually by three board synthesis, the middle is made by artificial board, commonly known as three-ply board.Artificial boards are made of wood chips and powder that are pressed under high pressure, and many of today's furniture are made of this material.


Lamilated Wood UkuleleTop Solid Wood UkuleleSolid Wood Ukulele




Lamilated Wood Ukulele - Top, back and side are lamilated wood.

Top Solid Wood Ukulele - Top is solid wood, back and side are lamilated wood.

Solid Wood Ukulele - Top, back and side are solid wood.

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