The difference between ukulele and guitar

- Dec 12, 2018-

From the appearance, Ukulele and guitar are not much different, just a lot worse in size. The acoustic guitars we usually see are 39-inch, 40-inch, and 41-inch, and the most common Ukulele sizes are 21-inch, 23-inch, and 26-inch, which are significantly smaller.

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There is a big difference between configuring a guitar and ukulele. Folk guitars use steel strings under normal conditions, while Ukulele uses nylon strings. This ukulele is very similar to a classical guitar.

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They also have a big difference in playing techniques and ranges. The folk guitar playing technique is more colorful and the range is wider. The ukulele is relatively simple, the technique is concentrated in the high-pitched area, and it is suitable for playing fresh and lively music. So in fact, the difference between Ukulele and folk guitar is very big. Short nylon strings and long steel strings determine the need to play in different ways, and the sounds that come out give people a very different feeling. The guitar has a wider range and the emotions are very rich when playing. If you want to play a relaxed, happy, lazy little song, relax, Ukulele sound is more suitable than the guitar.

UKSS21-1  Sapele ukulele with 4 string 21” ukulele

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In terms of sound and arrangement, Ukulele is characterized by its four strings and no bass strings, so the color of the chords popped up may not be obvious. There are often two different chords, which are exactly the same.

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