The Evolution History of CAJON BOX

- Feb 19, 2019-

The originally meaning is as a wooden box or drawer, cajon (Spanish: cajon) is a musical instrument that has been converted from waste to look wooden.



The instrument; The wooden box drum will be installed with the strings of the drum or guitar strings to create resonance, and generate a similar sound to the jazz drum. Some of the more advanced wooden box drums will add strainer, resonant box piston pedal, and other percussion instruments (Tambourine,... ) to increase the diversity of timbre. It is a kind of wooden percussion box. The sound is similar to that of jazz drum. Popular in Cuba, Peru and other places. Often used in flamenco and rumba music.


The internal structure:

Box drums have five sides, each with a different sound. On the back of the drum there is a round hole for making sound. Some modern drum cases contain steel wires (drum strings or guitar strings) to give a more characteristic sound. Nowadays,Cajon has also become a kind of instrument used in modern music. Cajon can be easily modified. In addition to placing strings,Cajon even adds drum skin or Kalimba, and some add large drum pedal to increase the diversity of performance. It is divided into the distinction of clanging strings and strings. Clanging strings can adjust the timbre through a regulator, and strings can adjust the timbre through the tightness of two screws at the bottom.


Modern development:

It was first brought to the United States by slaves from the Midwest countries of Africa. It was popular in South America in the 17th and 18th centuries. In 2001, Peru's national institute of culture declared it a "national cultural heritage."


Now the African instrument has spread around the world. Not only professional percussionists, but other musicians are learning to play box drums. When playing, the player sits on the instrument, leans forward slightly and raises cahong at an Angle. Usable palm percussion drum face or use finger wheel drum, also somebody installs go up footplate, control with the foot knock. This makes the box drum in some drums can replace the position of the drum.


Edit by Hodor Wong