The functions of Height Board Game Bag

- Apr 08, 2019-

If you don’t notice, board game hobbies can drive some auxiliary purchases. One of the latest interests of gamers is the choice of board game bags and shipping accessories. Some large Kickstarter events have received a lot of attention in the past year. However, a small company, which is mainly based on board games, is also entering the market.

I saw the board game bag in the Height. The price of this board game bag is not high. Seeing the requirements of other systems is usually twice the price, I have investigated the offer more. The height and price of the Height bag is enough for you to buy.

The Height board game bag is a vertical nylon zipper bag in which the game is usually superimposed. Six square “Ticket to Ride” sized games fit into a small swinging room.

Surprisingly, the Height of the game bag is folded and compact, it tells me that if I go to the game conference and need a bag to come back to hold me… then it is easy to install the bag….. . Game transportation. So yes, the product works as described.

Board Game Travel Bag

You really can’t think too much and the price is correct. The top handle of the bag is capable, but the backpack strap is very thin. Although I expect them to stay for a while, under the weight of a series of games similar to T’zolkin, the thin shoulder straps go deep into the shoulders and look like the second way to carry.

I also pay attention to the vertical nature of the bag, usually carrying a bag through the handle while walking, and swinging slightly into the bag produces a significant downward centrifugal force. This can be pressed on the cardboard box at the bottom of the bag, so I will consider which bags to stack carefully. This can be mitigated by arranging the boxes on their sides, but then the bag will accommodate only five boxes of the same type in a more awkward manner.

In general, for the price, you will be very satisfied with this purchase. This is not a major carry board game bag for the buyer, but due to the price and some things that prevent the game from moving from racing to game night, the Game Haul service is perfect.

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