The Height cajon

- May 18, 2018-

The Height Cajon uses a forward-projection sound port instead of the traditional rear-mounted style and internal reflection channel. This results in enhanced bass note projection, especially for live and unplugged situations.

The fixed internal snare drum line provides clear cut sound, enhanced corner beats, and adds a touch of contrast to the bass notes. Designed to project extremely deep bass,the Height Cajon swells in harder performances and provides a slight blow behind soft notes, responding much like a kick drum.

Features and details

Height’s largest and best CAJON: koa wood Cajon feels bass when you first sit down and play, it’s big and loud. Ultra-wide and ultra-deep body for excellent bass development. Kao wood Cajon size 310*300*480mm.

Internal port of the internal reflection channel: The internal reflection channel draws sound through the forward port to produce a bass that feels like a kick drum. The front sound port replaces the traditional rear-mounted style, wrapping the player in warm bass.

Apple Wood Cajon Drum

CRISP SNARE DRUM SOUNDS: The internal fixed snare adds to the size of the crisp snare drum, making it ideal for cutting tones when playing near the top corner of the playing field. The top front corner can also be adjusted with a screwdriver to change the distance between the game surface and the Cajon body. This results in an enhanced slap sound that can provide a deep post shot.

Walnut Front Plate and MDF Resonant: This Cajon is equipped with a walnut front panel that is very sensitive to soft finger cots and offers a variety of dynamics. The rugged MDF body with thick rubber feet fully resonates while providing a rugged construction for the instrument.

Official one-year warranty: All Height cajons are covered by a one-year manufacturer's warranty when purchased from an authorized retailer.

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