The influence of table games on children?

- May 14, 2019-

Board games can exercise children's logical ability, spatial ability, observation or memory, etc., but the most important thing for parents to play board games with their children is not to focus on whether children's intelligence and other aspects are improved, but more importantly to influence children's values in games.

One of the most important aspects of a board game is creating a sense of discipline in your child.Following the rules of the game may sound simple, but as the game gets more difficult, children may be tempted to peek at the answers, or parents may be tempted to let their children pass the games.In fact, these behaviors are unconsciously telling the children that I can violate the rules. An emotionally intelligent child who is popular in the group must obey the rules.

Board games can make a child feel frustration, although frustration is a necessary experience in life.Since it is a board game, it is inevitable that there will be competition, there will be winning and losing, even if the young children do not need to deliberately avoid competition.If you lose the game, don't focus on the outcome. What matters is that the child tries and works hard in the process.Let the child understand that "do your best" is ok, even if the failure does not mean that they are useless, parents will not therefore not love him.


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