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- Feb 04, 2021-


Board games originated in Germany and have been popular in Europe and America for decades. Everyone makes friends and friends through Boardgames. In foreign countries, the content of boardgames involves war, trade, culture, art, urban construction, history and other aspects. Most of them use paper materials with exquisite model assistance. It is a face-to-face game that emphasizes communication.

Therefore, boardgames are the best way to communicate in various occasions such as family leisure, friends gathering, and even business leisure. It also landed in China at the beginning of the 21st century and became popular among white-collar workers.

Table games are referred to as board games, a game that can be played by multiple people on the table. Board games generally refer to layout games, which usually use special maps, use a large number of props, virtual resource production, trade labor and other processes. Of course, this needs to be combined in a unified cultural background. In foreign countries, board games have become the same publications as books.

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Board games can train people's thinking, memory, association, judgment, etc. It requires players to use thinking and logical reasoning, and they have a certain strategy. Board games are games that people play face-to-face.

Through games, you can learn how to get along with and communicate with others, focusing on the challenges of intelligence and analytical computing skills.

Moreover, board games do not require much difference in the age of players, and are suitable for family members to play games together to enhance the feelings between family members. Through the game, the participants' thinking and logical reasoning ability will be improved, so that the players will realize the application of various scientific theories and the strategies and overall plans that must be made in order to achieve their goals.


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