The knowledge of ukuleles that must be known

- Jan 26, 2021-

Now let me introduce to you what you must know about ukuleles before you buy ukuleles.

First: material

Mahogany: the timbre is mellow and warm, soft and delicate, with good ductility.

Spruce: cold tone, bright and crisp.

Acacia: bright tone, sweet tone, mild and delicate, suitable for treble.

  Mahogany Top Ukulele Concert 4 Strings

24 inch ukulele

Second: size

1. 21-inch Soprano (51 cm in total length), 12-14 cases in number, GCEA (from the fourth string to the first string). Short for S-type, standard type, like to play and sing can choose 21 inches, 21 inches is also the classic size of ukulele.

2. 23-inch Concert (61 cm in total length), about 15-18 cases, chord sound: GCEA. C-type for short, both fingering and singing, slightly larger box, richer voice, wider range.

3. 26-inch tenor (about 66 cm in length), 15-20 cases, GCEA. T-type is suitable for finger playing, especially for those who have played guitar.

Generally speaking, 21 and 23 are smaller, 26 are bigger and resonate better.

21 inch ukuleles

23 inch ukulele

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