The Maintenance and Nursing of Ukulele

- Mar 28, 2019-

Always play

The instrument was bought back, not at home, it was used to play. Always play, as long as you play more, you will like it more, and it will show the charm. If you don’t care, you won’t like Ukulele any time later. Any instrument is the same.

In the bag

When you are not playing, put ukulele in the bag (special piano bag). Don’t just want to lose it, be cherished, the more you love it, the more you will be willing to play. Middle and low grade ukulele sells a thick cotton piano bag. The high-end ukulele recommends buying a violin case, which is convenient for ukulele safe storage.

Don’t put it on the ground

When ukulele is placed in peacetime, erect the body. Put the piano bag directly upright, don’t lie flat on the ground, and take it with ease.

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Do not expose to the sun

When not playing, put it in a cool, cool place. Don’t let the sun shine, because the material of the ukulele is wooden, and the exposure will cause the wooden body to burst.

Don’t get wet

It is also not possible to put ukulele in a damp place where the wood is very susceptible to moisture. That will affect the sound quality of ukulele, just in a clean and ventilated position.

Wet hands do not touch the piano

If the hand is wet, don’t play it. Be sure to dry it before you can play it. Don’t let ukulele stick to a little water. If the palm of your hand likes to sweat, wipe it off with sweat and continue playing.

To clean up

If you don’t use it, ukulele should be leveled to prevent it. It should not rely on or have heavy objects on the surface of the ukulele. If the right hand is in contact with the body for a long time, it will accumulate a layer of dirt on the body. If it is found This situation must be cleaned up.


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