The method of learning ukulele

- Dec 23, 2018-

When a person learns ukulele, it is very boring. It needs constant repetition, repeated repetition, and the fingers are trained into muscle memory. Every movement must be standard. Don’t change your posture every time you study. And action, then your brain has to re-remember

How can we persist? If you feel that you are slow to learn, stupid, and do not want to pay for it, then read more videos on the Internet. You must know that ukulele can talk so well and listen more. When someone else plays, slowly understand the duration of each beat, so that the pop-up music is good.



If you don't understand the spectrum, then go online and find the one that plays on the side of the musician. Then the video below is the score. If you read it a few times, you will understand it slowly. The problem can be, so step by step, constantly practicing playing Spruce wooden concert ukulele against the scores, insisting on practicing a small meeting every day, and after a long time, I will slowly learn.


If you keep learning for an hour every day and stick to it for a month of the Laminated Sapele tenor ukulele, then you will play some simple pop songs, such as learning to tune at the beginning, then C tuning monophonic Etudes, and slowly knowing the scales of other tones, if If you learn well, you can deepen the foundation of music theory, notes, names, singers, and average laws. You can find them on the Internet every time you practice, and practice the lyrics from beginning to end to deepen your memory.


Then slowly touch the arpeggios, hit the strings, slide the sounds, lean the sounds, chords, cut the sounds, don't give up in the middle, give up, nothing is gone, wait until you can play a lot of songs skillfully, you will win Although the road to music is endless, there are only a few people who can go to this step. If you want to learn specific skills, I will update them later, and everyone's attention is welcome.


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