The method of playing a thumb piano

- Apr 30, 2020-

(1) before playing, hold the instrument in a comfortable position and see if your thumb can easily reach all the keys and the front soundhole. If not, you need to adjust the palm position. Next, arch the knuckles of your thumb slightly and place them on top of the keys for preparation.

HT175MS Mahogany Kalimba 8

HT175MS Mahogany Kalimba 10

(2) when you play, the tip of your thumb sinks to the end of the key. Then knuckle down and push the keys down. Be careful not to exert too lightly, or the noise will be very low. Don't push too hard, or the sound will be distorted. You can try different forces until you make a sound that satisfies you. Generally, we use the nail to press the button, the nail does not have to stay too long, about 1-2mm can be.


Height new kalimba.

(3) after the key is pressed, the thumb pops up quickly and returns to its original position in preparation for the next note. You can put it on top of the keys, but don't touch the keys, or the sound will stop immediately.

The above is the introduction of the basic playing skills of the thumb piano, have you learned it?

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