The myth of the harp

- May 21, 2020-


Orpheus was the child of the musical Muse, the daughter of Apollo, the sun god. He inherited all the good qualities of his mother, and his talent for music transcended all mankind.

Apollo heard about the talented boy and decided to give him a golden lyre.

Orpheus played the harp to perfection:

When he played a cheerful melody, flowers have blossomed, birds and animals dance; When he played a low and sad melody, the blooming flowers closed, birds and animals sad to shed tears.

One day Orpheus was playing his musical instrument in the forest when suddenly he heard the merry laughter of a young girl. He stopped playing and went to the forest where the girls played. It was a group of forest fairies at play, and he saw one of them, Eurydice, whose graceful figure and innocent gaiety attracted the young Orpheus.


Orpheus fell in love, and he felt the sweetness of love. Orpheus was married, his song was a little more melodious, and he and Eurydice lived happily together.

Before long, Eurydice was bitten by a snake and died while playing with the fairy in the forest. His soul went to the underworld. Orpheus was so miserable that he swore to his wife that he would save her life.


Orpheus took his harp and chased him to the underworld. He impressed caron, the Styx ferryman, with the sound of his harp, and helped him across the Styx; With music hypnotized the hell three-headed dog, successfully came to the palace of the underworld, met hades and the queen of the underworld pashmina.


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Hades would not give Eurydice's soul to him for anything. Orpheus, thinking deeply of his dead lover, played his harp, and the sad melody moved queen Pluto. She decided to allow Orpheus to take Eurydice away, but he must obey the rule that he should never look back until he returned to earth.

Orpheus cheerfully thanked hades and the queen of the underworld and led Eurydice's spirit out of the palace of the underworld with his harp. As they walked for a long, long time, and saw the sunny world before them, Orpheus had a strong temptation in his mind to see if Eurydice was still behind him. The thought made him forget his agreement with the queen. He looked around, and there was a cry of surprise. Poor Eurydijk stretched out his helpless hands and was sucked back into the depths of the underworld forever...


Orpheus had lost his wife whom he was about to acquire, and she would never live again. Ever since the music of Orpheus has always been filled with sorrow and longing. After a few years, Orpheus put away his favorite golden harp, hung him on a tall tree, and decided never to sing again. Orpheus died of melancholy, and his harp rose into the sky and became a beautiful Lyra.

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