The origin of classical guitar playing posture

- Aug 20, 2019-

In the Middle Ages, European pop music, such as going to the girl's window, playing the violin, playing the guitar, playing the mandolin and so on. In the moonlight, the boys want to use the sound of the instrument to express their love for the girl, because if you sing a voice, then you will be heard by the neighbors of those young people, it will be ashamed.

The violin is on the side of the neck and can move around. But the guitar is not very convenient, but in order to let the sound of the guitar pass to the girl's ear in front of the window, the clever boy will step on the flower bed, or on the stairs, put the guitar on the left leg, then lift it up. Chest, looking at the girl in front of the window, slowly playing the guitar.

If the girl likes it, she will put her small handkerchief by the window and write some whispers; if the girl doesn't like it, she will close the window.

Can't you always stand up and play the guitar? So the habit of sitting on this stool is to step on the small shelf under the foot, that is, the classical guitarist you see now pedals on the guitar.

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